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are there any girls of nfl football

When people are asked whether there are any girls of NFL football, they usually answer in the affirmative.​ But is this really true? Does the National Football League have girls involved in its operations either as players, coaches, or executives?

The answer is a resounding yes.​ In 2019, a group of young women in Arizona were fitted with protective gear, taught blocking techniques, and even scored touchdowns as part of the Arizona Cardinals’ NFL flag football program for girls.​ One of these players, Julie Johnson, went on to become a flag foot player for the Cardinals.​ She was the first girl to ever score a touchdown at an NFL-level event.​

Women have also had roles in coaching NFL teams.​ For example, in 2003, Jennifer Welter became the first female coach in NFL history when she joined the Arizona Cardinals as an assistant coach for their inside linebackers.​ In 2015, Kathryn Smith became the Buffalo Bills’ special teams quality control coach, making her the first woman ever to be a full-time NFL coach.​

Cheap Jerseys from china the executive side of things, the NFL has had a strong presence of female top-level leaders for years now.​ Currently, there are at least four female C-suite executives, including the league’s CFO, and several other women in senior leadership roles.​ Additionally, in 2014, the NFL launched the Women’s Advisory Council, which had the goal of promoting diversity and gender equality in the league.​

But aside from these official roles, there is also a significant presence of girls of all ages who are passionate about football.​ The NFL and its teams have numerous outreach programs that are specifically designed to engage girls in football.​ For instance, the Miami Dolphins run a girls’ tackle football camp, and the Minnesota Vikings launched a girls’ flag football program in 2019.​

But while there are plenty of girls who play or are associated with the NFL as outlined above, the sheer fact that less than 5 percent of professional players are female tells us that there is still a great deal of work to be done.​ The NFL has done an admirable job in their efforts to promote and cultivate female participation in the sport, but more needs to be done.​

The NFL needs to create a pipeline for young girls to enter the sport, such as with more girls’ flag football programs, or even create youth league teams that are geared toward girls.​ Additionally, more scholarships and educational opportunities also need to be made available to attract young girls to the sport.​

Not only will these initiatives create opportunities, but they will also help to provide young girls with a much-needed sense of self-esteem and a sense of pride in being an NFL football player.​ Setting the example for them at an early age that being a girl doesn’t mean having to miss out on playing sports or the opportunities that come with it is a crucial step that the league can take in securing its continued success.​

The eliminated nfl teams has definitely come a long way in its efforts to promote and involve women in football, but there is still plenty of room for growth.​ More initiatives to encourage young girls to play the sport, as well as providing better access to top-level players and executives, could go a long way in celebration and inclusion of girls of NFL football.​