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are saints best team in nfl

I absolutely love watching American Football.​ And when you think of the NFL, one team stands out.​ The Saints.​ Now, this isn’t me being biased to them as a fan (Which I am), but the Saints are an undeniable force in the league.​ The question is, this season especially, are they the best team in the NFL?

Well firstly, let’s talk about numbers.​ The Saints have the second most total yards this season and have scored the third most touchdowns.​ That alone is impressive, and is made even more special when you consider the injuries they have had to deal with.​ Guys like Demario Davis, Sheldon Rankins and Jared Cook have all been down this year, and any team would be in dire straits if they were forced to go through the same situation.​

So, it’s clear that the Saints have the stats to prove why they are literal royalty in the NFL.​ Of course, stats are only part of why they are, an argument could be made that the team has the culture of an all-time team.​ Everyone who is a part of the Saints feels like nothing can stop them, and they have carried that mentality to games on the field.​ They are like a well oiled machine, competing with intensity and hitting all the perfect notes each time.​

But what really solidifies the case for them being the best team in the NFL is how they can flip a game on its head in an instant.​ It doesn’t matter if they are down two touchdowns or facing a fourth and goal, the Saints have the ability to rise to seemingly insurmountable odds.​ Whether it be through a fractured drive or a kick to the face

The Saints are never out of a game.​ They are a team that can seemingly make any situation their own.​ That’s why this team is so special, and why I can make a case for them being the best team in the NFL this year.​

Now that we have talked about the Saints this season, let’s talk about the other teams in the NFL.​ First of all, one team that has been particularly impressive is the Chiefs.​ QB Patrick Mahomes is phenomenal, and they lead the league in total points this year.​ It’s pretty clear that they are having a fantastic year as well.​

The Ravens are another team that need to be mentioned.​ Led by the ageless wonder, Lamar Jackson, the Ravens have consistently been one of the NFL’s best teams this year.​ Their suffocating defense has been unmatched all year, and it looks like they are a force to be reckoned with.​

The 49ers and the Seahawks are two teams that have been favorites in the NFC this year.​ Both teams have won their respective division and have had great seasons.​ The 49ers have the top ranked defense, which has been a major reason for their success this year, and it looks like they will be going far in the playoffs.​ The Seahawks have been playing great offense all year, and will definitely be looking for a deep playoff run as well.​

So, how long has mecole hardman been in the nfl after we look at the other teams in the NFL this year, it’s safe to say that the Saints are still the best.​ Sure, every team had their own merits and merits of their own, but the Saints have been at the top of the league all year.​ With their relentless style of play, impressive stats, and ability to flip the game on its head, there’s no denying that the Saints are the best team in the NFL this year.​

Now that we have my opinion out of the way, let’s discuss if those stats really hold up.​ To do that, we need to look closer at the Saints’ stats.​ Let’s start with their offensive stats.​ The Saints have the highest total amount of passing yards and second highest amount of rushing yards this season.​ This shows how deep their offense is and how well they can move the ball on any given play.​

Not only do the Saints have the best stats on the offensive side of the ball, but their defensive stats show they are just as good.​ They have the fourth most total sacks, the fifth lowest points per game, and the second most interceptions.​ This shows that their defense is more than capable of getting stops when they need to.​

So, if we look at the Saints’ stats, they definitely hold up.​ Their offense and defense are both strong this year, and they are showing that they are more than capable of competing with any team in the NFL.​ Simply put, they have the stats of a championship team and are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the jake paul cleveland browns nfl.​

With all that being said, it’s clear that the Saints are the best team in the NFL this year.​ They have the stats of an all-time great team, and they have the swagger and confidence of an all-time great team.​ The Saints are a team that no one should take lightly, and are definitely the team to beat this year.​