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are nfl games played on turf

I’m a huge NFL fan, so I’m always excited when the season starts! I especially love watching the games that are played on turf, which are becoming more common each year.​ To me, turf games just have a certain energy that you don’t get from games played on natural grass.​ The action feels faster and more intense, and it’s just more fun to watch.​

It’s no secret that turf games are a lot faster than those played on natural grass.​ In fact, most players will tell you that they can reach top speed a lot quicker on turf than on grass.​ This makes for a really exciting game and keeps everyone on their toes.​ Plus, you don’t get the divots and mud that you get with natural grass games, which can slow down the action.​

Turf games also tend to have much longer drives and fewer game stoppages, which is something I always appreciate.​ With natural grass fields, the ball can easily get stuck in mud and the players can slip and slide all over the place.​ Not only does the grass get torn up, but the game can get stalled out as the players try to clean it up.​ On turf, the ball rolls a lot smoother and there are fewer game stoppages, which makes for a more exciting and uninterrupted game.​

Not only is it more exciting to watch, but turf is also safer for the players.​ Since the turf is made of solid material, it helps to reduce the impact on the players’ knees and ankles, which is why so how many pass interefernce vhalkenges fo you get nfl teams have switched to turf in recent years.​ This helps to ensure that the players stay healthy during the season and can give their all on the field.​

Finally, turf games also tend to have far better sound and lighting effects.​ This means that the games look and feel more professional, which makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.​ You get the feeling that you’re in a real stadium watching the pros play and not just in your living room.​

When it comes to football, turf just adds an extra level of excitement and energy that you don’t get with natural grass games.​ It’s no wonder why so many teams have switched to turf in recent years.​ The faster tempo and cleaner field make for how many nfl players got concusstions in 2013 a more exciting game to watch and a safer experience for the players.​ Plus, the better lighting and sound effects add to the experience.​ I’m definitely a fan of turf games and always look forward to catching one on TV.​