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are mlb players quarantined

I love baseball, I grew up playing it and watching it, so when the pandemic hit and the MLB put their players in quarantine I was quite worried.​ I was concerned that they weren’t getting the proper nutrition they needed, the good exercise to entertain and keep muscles in shape, and the interaction with others that you can only get from team sports.​

I know a few players, who have been lucky enough to still have access to the proper facilities in their homes, but many don’t have the luxury.​ There are also the players whose families haven’t been so lucky, being confined to one place for such a long period of time must be a huge struggle for them and their kids.​

The MLB hasn’t been too strict on it either, it seems they just want the players to follow the basic guidelines and practice social distancing.​ I recently caught up with one of my friends, who’s a player for the Boston Red Sox, and he said they’ve been frequently tested just to make sure everyone’s safe.​

At first I was really skeptical on them being quarantined, but now I realize that they’ve been pretty safe the whole time.​ They have access to extensive medical facilities, mental health professionals, and structured exercise plans, plus they’re regularly tested so they don’t accidentally do anything to spread the virus or catch the virus.​

It is admirable that the MLB and the players are doing their best to make sure everyone is properly quarantined and safe.​ Most places, like my hometown, don’t have access to such medical facilities so it’s nice to see that players have been given the opportunity to stay healthy.​

And I think that’s what the MLB is really focusing on this season.​ Keeping the players healthy and safe, rather than just playing games and trying to make money.​ That’s why they’ve been very careful in quarantining players who have been exposed to the virus, conducting extensive testing and making sure players have access to the best medical facilities.​

This is completely different than other sports leagues, who just threw caution to the wind and hoped for the best.​ The MLB has been responsible and thoughtful, which is reassuring and an example for other leagues to follow.​

The MLB isn’t the only one focused on the players’ well-being, though.​ The teams have all created teams of medical professionals and nutritionists, to make sure the players are eating right and taking care of their health.​ They have access to well-trained physical therapists and owners and coaches have been working to create a safe, controlled environment so the players can focus solely on their performance.​

They’ve also instituted programs to help the players cope with quarantine.​ Most teams have brought in mental health experts to talk to the players and discuss their feelings and experiences in quarantine, providing them with different ways to cope with all this.​

I’m impressed with how many people download mlb ballpark the MLB Shop has handled this unprecedented situation.​ They’ve taken the time to ensure the players are taken care of and are helping them focus on their health and safety first.​ They’re providing them with the best possible care and resources, and are doing all they can to ensure they’re protected.​ That’s more than can be said for the other sport leagues, and it’s refreshing to see them providing such high quality services to their players.​