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are mlb announcers at the game 2021

Most of us baseball fans are so used to the sounds of a ballgame that we think nothing of it when fans start to fantasize about a particular game.​ When we listen to the ball game on mute, we almost expect to hear the radio announcer’s voices; especially if it’s a home run! There’s something about a baseball announcer’s voice that adds to the excitement of the game.​

But nowadays, professional baseball games have a different feel due to the pandemic.​ Gone are the days of thousands of screaming fans and roaring announcers.​ Instead, television broadcasts of the games are accompanied by eerie silence, with just the players’ voices and the sound of the bat as a backdrop.​

This season, most Major League Baseball teams are allowing a limited number of fans in the stands, and it’s necessitated a bit of creative thinking when it comes to the broadcast.​ MLB announcers are stuck in the booth, without the benefit of the crowd, and the teams have had to come up with innovative solutions.​ Some teams have opted to bring in an announcer to provide commentary, while others have chosen to bring in artificial noises to add a bit of life to the broadcast.​

The most innovative solution so far appears to be the Houston Astros, who have a robot announcer at the game for broadcasts.​ Yes, you read that right.​ The Astros have a robot doing play-by-play.​ The robot, named Orbit, has been a part of the Astros’ organization since 2013 and now he’s taken his rightful place in the booth.​ Orbit has a truly unique voice and adds a much-needed level of energy to any broadcast.​

The Astros aren’t the only team embracing the robot announcer technology.​ The Toronto Blue Jays have a similar system in place, although their robot announcer is more of a ‘virtual fan’.​ The robot’s voice is provided by a real human voice actor, so it still has some authenticity to it.​ Other teams are experimenting with crowd noise, and some teams are simply relying on the play-by-play what do color of laces mean in signed mlb baseballs the human announcers from the booth.​

It’s amazing how long are mlb ganes technology has enabled us to still enjoy the sport we love in this strange time.​ While it’s not quite the same without the roar of the crowd and the familiar voice of an announcer, having a robot in the booth or some artificial crowd noise really helps add a bit of life to the broadcast.​

On the other hand, some teams have opted to forgo a live announcer altogether.​ Instead, teams are relying heavily on highlights packages and analysis from broadcasters in a studio elsewhere.​ This type of broadcast may be easier to generate but it lacks the excitement of a game with a live announcer.​

Teams have had to become creative to keep the fans engaged, from animated fans in the stands to virtual concession stands.​ But no matter the solution, having a live announcer at the game adds an extra level of excitement and energy.​ It is a reminder of the heritage of the game and the connection between the team and the fans.​

Getting back to that feeling of a game day experience is one of the reasons why teams are so eager to have an announcer at the game.​ The energy of the game is missing without a live announcer, and the broadcasters play an important role in bringing it back.​ It’s a tough challenge, but MLB teams are doing their best to make us feel like we’ve never left the ballpark.​