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are cbs nfl games on cbs all

I’m sure many of you are wondering if all NFL games are on CBS? The answer is, it very much depends.​ It really depends on the market in which you live, and the size of your local team’s fan base.​ For example, in the south, all NFL games are typically aired on CBS regardless of which teams are matched up.​ However, in other regions, such as the north east, where there is a larger variety of teams and fan bases, CBS can only usually pick up a few games each season.​

Which games they choose really depends on the local market and what CBS executives think will bring ratings to their station.​ Usually, the games they pick are from teams that are located close to the local area, have very loyal fans, or can you hurdle in the nfl for big rivalry matches.​ For instance, in the Philadelphia, PA area, we often see games between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, even when both teams have poor records.​

I gotta say, it really takes the fun out of watching regular season games, for sure.​ Part of the excitement of being a fan is watching your own team, home or away, play all their games.​ When I subscribed to Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, it was a huge game changer for me because I got to enjoy all the Eagles games and it didn’t matter who they were playing.​ That’s what I call a real fan experience!

But while I’m able to enjoy all the Eagles games with the DirecTV subscription, it doesn’t mean I don’t still have to check which games are on CBS.​ Comcast and Xfinity often don’t get the same games, so when I’m at a friend’s house I have to double check what games are available on their channel lineup.​

Although, I must say there has been some improvement in the last couple of years.​ CBS now has tom brady been suspended by the nfl an app called CBS All Access, which allows you to stream all the games on any device.​ The selection isn’t as extensive as NFL Sunday Ticket, but it’s definitely better than nothing.​

Overall, I think it totally depends on the market and fan base of the teams.​ I’m lucky to live in the Tri-State area where I can get almost any NFL game.​ On the other hand, someone living in say Idaho, may only be able to watch a few select games.​ So it’s really up to each individual fan to determine which games they’ll be able to watch, or which score channel they get.​

Anyway, now that I’m done with my ramblings, I guess the takeaway is that not all CBS NFL games are available on CBS.​ It really just depends on your area, whether you’re close to the teams playing, or the size of the local fan base.​ Aside from that, I would recommend subscribing to a streaming service, like DirecTV Sunday Ticket, so that you can enjoy all the action.​ Good luck!