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anthony rizzo mlb

People who channel carries mlb in puerto rico follow MLB know that Anthony Rizzo is a renowned baseball player with an illustrious career.​ I can proudly say that I’m a huge fan of his, and have been ever since he was picked by the Chicago Cubs in 2012.​

When I started watching Anthony play, I quickly realized what made him so special.​ His hustle, commitment and focus was inspiring – he easily could have been the poster boy for drive and determination.​ He never gave up, no matter the situation.​ Which in my books made him a true champion – not only on the playing field, but in life too.​

His performance in the 2015 World Series was nothing short of amazing.​ Time-and-time again Anthony delivered.​ He hit three home-runs, had two RBIs and made some daring plays.​ Guys like him don’t come around very often.​

I was fortunate to attend a game with him last Spring.​ A bunch of us traveled out to St.​ Louis and Anthony had us laughing the entire way.​ He hadn’t changed one bit – same old contagious laugh and awesome attitude.​ He also took us sightseeing and showed us the city in the way only a true local can.​

Not only did Anthony make an impact on the field, he’s made a massive one off it as well.​ Most notably, he’s appointed himself the Cubs’ first-ever “Respect Builder” and heads the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, which aims to raise money to support cancer research, help children with cancer and inspire those with the disease.​

In my opinion, Anthony Rizzo is a role model for a whole generation of baseball fans.​ He’s a practical example of what can be achieved when you put your heart and soul into it.​ I admire the commitment: both to the sport and to helping others.​

Although Anthony is no stranger to awards and recognition – he’s been the National League leader in WAR (wins above replacement) three times and was the National League MVP favorite in 2018 – he continues to stay humble and work hard every day.​

He’s also a known ally of civilians.​ During the COVID-19 pandemic, he made sure to check in with local restaurants and business owners to help wherever he could.​ Anthony knows that supporting his community is just as important as playing the game.​

For me, Anthony Rizzo is a beacon of light and determination.​ At the end of the day, he doesn’t just want to be known as a great cheap mlb jerseys player – he wants to be known as a great person.​ He sets the bar high for everyone.​