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a list of the nfl teams who have cheated

It’s no secret that some NFL teams have had a history of cheating.​ From deflated balls to spying on other teams, there have been some pretty notable examples of this.​ As a huge football fan, has tua tagovailoa played in the nfl yet I tend to hear stories about these teams and I thought I’d share a list of some of the teams who have cheated in the past.​

First of all, there’s the New England Patriots.​ I’m sure this team needs no introduction.​ They have had multiple scandals throughout the years, the most notable being the ‘Deflategate’ scandal in which they used deflated footballs in order to give them an advantage.​ Even though the NFL ultimately found that there was no concrete evidence that the Patriots were guilty, many people still believe that they are cheaters.​

Another team on the list is the Oakland/Las did vegas return nfl rams saints game money Raiders.​ This team has been linked to cheating multiple times throughout the years.​ The most recent example being when they attempted to steal signs from the opposing team by using pieces of equipment called ‘spyglasses’.​ Whether this was an attempt to gain an advantage or not is still debatable, but what is certain is that the NFL took strong action by suspending Raiders coach Jon Gruden.​

The Carolina Panthers also have a bit of a shady past.​ In the 2016 season, they were accused of having players illegally use ‘stickum’ a substance that is used to help with grip.​ The team was said to have obtained the substance from a company called ‘Sticky Fingers.​’ Ultimately, the NFL investigated and found the Panthers guilty of using the substance so the Commissioner issued a hefty fine and deductions of draft picks for the team.​

The New York Jets are another team that have had some troubles with cheating.​ This was especially seen during the 2013 season when the team was found to have improperly used their wall of players during practices and games.​ This was considered illegal as it gave the Jets an unfair advantage.​ As a result, the NFL fined the team and forced the team to limit its access to special teams drills.​

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles have also been in the spotlight due to some cheating accusations.​ In 2017, the team was accused of using LTD headsets during their Super Bowl chances.​ Though the team denied these allegations, the NFL ultimately found them to be true and the team was fined a hefty amount.​

I have to admit, it is pretty disturbing to hear about teams cheating.​ Though some of these teams may argue that their actions were not illegal or meant to gain an advantage, it is worrying to see how much teams are willing to go to gain a competitive edge.​ While I think it is important to remember that these teams could’ve taken a different route, I’d rather focus on the teams who take the right approach and respect the rules.​

It’s also worth noting that cheating isn’t anything new in sports.​ In the past, teams have also resorted to other types of cheating, such as the Seattle Seahawks scandal in which they were found guilty of using a wireless device to gain an advantage.​ Similarly, the Cincinnati Bengals were also guilty of using performance enhancers during their games.​

Furthermore, it can also be argued that cheating is not only seen in the NFL, but in other major sports too.​ For instance, the Houston Astros baseball team was found to be guilty of using cameras to steal signs from other teams.​ This shows just how prevalent cheating is in sports and it’s something that needs to be taken seriously.​

Finally, it is also important to recognize that there are teams that do not, and probably never will, resort to cheating.​ Each team has its own reputation which needs to be taken into account when it comes to assessing them.​ The teams that have had scandals and potentially face sanctions should be punished accordingly, but at the same time there needs to be an acknowledgement of the many teams that have done things the right way.​

Cheating in sports is something that can have serious repercussions and these teams need to be aware of the dangers that come with it.​ As fans, it’s our responsibility to look for the good in teams and to encourage honest and fair play.​ That’s why I think it’s absolutely vital to recognize and celebrate the teams that play the game fairly and by the rules.​