“My dad always You need to go browns said I don’t love this home nfl jerseys sale a wider road, do not want to communicate with them; but I have to take two bus stations, more than an hour to get home after work, at home I was really tired and had no strength to speak.”

Green is my neighbor green bean, the Beijing girl, with the northerners unique forthright gas, one night carrying several dishes on my home. She said that her colleagues asked her to consult some emotional problems, ask the question of colleagues, but also began to talk about their own anguish. But she certainly is not the case, in fact more than a friend with me complaining about the same problem.

“My roommate always felt that I was a difficult person, but in fact from the advertising company after the class I want to go home, in addition to lying in bed half what they do not want to do, I even do not want to unload the makeup; you know I is how to spend the weekend? I’ve been sleeping on the Saturday afternoon by pulling up the roof on Friday night. It’s not that I don’t want to go to the park with my roommates in the early morning on Saturday. I’m really tired. I’m tired of sleeping on the weekend.”

In the big city for young people, the endless work is not the most terrible nba jerseys for sale; terrible is brought endless work after the physical and mental fatigue, to continue life after work, slowly swallowing their work day. The tired feeling, almost is the urban family of sub-health originally.

Every time I listen to these young people Tuwan these grievances, I will think of two years before his first resignation. On the night of his resignation, the Shanghai metro line two, the peak hour, was still so crowded. People’s expression is very calm, everyone is exhausted body, to the people and things around them are not interested.

This is a terrible place, in the subway on the cold mood is contagious; it is like a cold virus, so that the whole city of work hours every day become crowded, grumpy and lifeless.

I suddenly felt, perhaps in the subway, I want to quit the idea of the first time sprouted. No matter how crowded from these people jerseys online can not feel the warmth of the people from the bottom of my heart, suddenly wake up: I really want to become a person like this?

I stayed at home for a week after my resignation, and one night, I lay in bed and began to think about the future. When there was no thought, I suddenly wondered whether the resignation was the right choice. In order not to have been entangled in the state, I began to ask myself some questions.

“What are you working for?” “To make life better, to be happy.”

Do you have a better life now?” No.”

“Do you feel happy every day when you are on line two?” “No, I think my head is blank.”

“Do you want to live like this?” “I don’t want it. I hope it will end soon… Or, as soon as possible to improve.”

“Do you still regret quitting your job like that?”

“I think I always don’t regret, but now I feel confused about the sudden blank, so… I feel I need to settle down, stop, stop to take the job, or say… Accept yourself to be cold and numb.”

“You know, I think, the summer Nai, you should not stop at this time, you should not allow yourself to become like the zoo zoo, only know the shuttle in the subway station bars; I think jerseys direct supply you should go, until you find a more open road.”

You need to keep on walking until you find a wider road, and I hear my heart say so.

It suddenly occurred to me that in my four months in Shanghai, my heart and mind were stagnant. As Paul Coelho said in “eleven minutes” in that: “life is sometimes very stingy, so, day in and day out week after week, month in January, year after year of life, do not feel anything new.” Yes, I feel like I’m getting along with people, feeling tired and old, but I don’t feel like I’m growing up. Find yourself constantly getting older but not a little better, embarrassing and awkward.

Of course, I can choose to avoid the nature of the options, to prevent the possibility of being unable to resolve the contradictions brought about by the constant feeling of eating my heart. But my heart tells me: Dear summer Nai, you must continue to walk, only then can discover a broader road.

So, in such a moment, I choose to start again – with more contradictions, more commitment to start again. I know that if I choose to compromise before departure, maybe I will be satisfied at a certain level, and the level of satisfaction would give me considerable material short-term returns, I can make other people’s understanding and appreciation. But as I have been talking about the “ego”, I do not know whether the ultimate aim is to compromise the short-term benefits and the understanding of others.

This time, my heart has helped me a lot, it makes me believe that I should love myself more. And it was me