1: veteran run no market.

2: teams on the offensive front of the players for a very competitive.

Brandon - Cooks

As of Monday, only a sense wholesale nfl jerseys of running back signed a contract is in convalescence cruciate ligament injury of Danny – Wood head, signed with the Baltimore team crow contract for three years. Details of the contract has not been announced, but considering he was injured, the wage is not very high on the. All – Mike – Tolbert and – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
In addition, the NFL team common to those who have been successful running back without sufficient interest, including: Adrian – Pedersen, Jamal – Charles, Eddie and Murray, Weiesi rethy. Some of them in their talk with the team, but obviously not a team forward enough so that they can not refuse the contract, and the free market every day in the contract security number will continue to shrink for a day.

The cause of this phenomenon is obvious. The 2017 nfl jerseys china draft includes all types of runs. Moreover, a recent ESPN data research group for the analysis of the running of the report also confirmed that this position with the growth of age, the state of decline is indeed faster than other locations.

For four years has been playing a career, at least once a year to take the ball for the first time, the 26 year old is the peak period of the game, for example, the age of 75. By the age of 29, their performance will decline by 26%, and by the age of 32, it will fall by 41%. After all, the standard for NFL to sign free agents is what the player might achieve in the future, rather than what has been achieved in the past. In general, in the case of the rookie can choose to grow up, the team naturally do not want to spend a lot of money on the free running guard.

At the same time, NFL attack long-standing striker shortage, lead free player of the year for these positions are berserk – especially tackle. The total amount of the contract signed by the 7 front cuts reached $304 million 800 thousand, while the total contract price of the 3 front guard reached $129 million. Of course, the money is not all security, but every contract provides a satisfactory guarantee

Matt Kalil

Matt left Jiefeng Khalil, a year by year since his rookie season because of cheap nfl jerseys injuries and decline of the players, got 25 million 500 thousand security payments from the Carolina panthers. Brown Cleveland team last season quarterback knocked the most tragic, scared they quickly signed guard Kevin – Teller, Te Rethel back to the center of JC-, guard Joel – Tonio contract. The Minnesota Vikings, also spent 36 million 800 thousand security in the two tackle Riley Mike and Ray Eames life body, although the two are not the position of each of the top players.

Contrary to the situation of running guard, the team on the offensive forward players desperately chasing, but also reflects the situation of this year’s draft. But with the salary cap has been rising year by year, the attacking players will be more and more recommended not to renew the contract, but to test the free market. In the next few years, NFL’s salary cap should reach $1 billion, so much money is always spent somewhere. From now on, more money out to the strikers.