Rethy left the packers joined the Seahawks

The Green Bay Packers cheap nfl jerseys again change today, running back Addie RESINES officially left the packers joined the Seattle Seahawks, Rethy in order to obtain higher wages than the packers chose the Seahawks running back, the strong occupation career first left green bay.

According to the news that Addie RESINES and Seattle Seahawks signed a one-year contract worth $5 million 550 thousand, including a $3 million deposit. This is a big contract for Lei West, when the deteriorating competitive state, the Seattle Seahawks saved rethy.

After a $5 million 550 thousand signing of Addie Eddie – Reese RESINES, Seattle Seahawks demand for Adrian – Peterson’s small lot, the Seahawks didn’t want to spend more money on Peterson, they look at another in the free player market running back Jamal Charles. The Seahawks running back for love far nfl jerseys china more than the other team in the League last season, more than running back injuries, the Seahawks averaged in the league in rushing yards after this, unlike the Seahawks style, so this offseason to continue to strengthen the Seahawks ground offensive team strength.

Addie RESINES 26 years old this year, in the absence of fat before the packers team’s star running back, occupation career two years ago were completed for 1178 yards rushing and 1139 yards feat however, overeating, serious fat Addie RESINES declined rapidly, in the packaging industry has little effect with Rethy weight last season for the season, only willing to pay the price for the packaging industry, and in the two party can not be negotiated under the condition of Lei Xi as a free agent to join the seahawks.

The packers hope back to lose weight Rethy flexible state, and the Seattle Seahawks want Rethy remain obese body, maintain more impact. The Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Rethy must maintain this figure, he thinks Rethy is very strong, Lei Xi in Seattle will gain a better future. Don’t let Carol know Rethy body is how to think, maybe the Seahawks will let Rethy change play offensive attack?

But the packers lost Rethy not heartache, they just want to find a better running back, wholesale authentic nfl jerseys more than the salary cap situation, they first need to supplement the offensive attack and defense group staff vacancies, while running back draft can be left to see the character selection.