A moment of love

Some time ago, the Oscar nominated cheap football jerseys film “sea Manchester” to tell you the one for his fault to kill children of men will not complete self redemption story, and today we have in reality witnessed such a tragedy, one called Todd – former American football player NFL Xipu try to back out, run my 3 year old daughter accidentally, it is difficult to bear.

According to police sources in mesa, Arizona, United States on Friday afternoon, Todd is trying to Xipu when his pickup from the garage of his civilian, his daughter seems to play just in the way of reversing after on the tragedy happened, the truck hit (over) his three year old daughter. Then the child was sent to the local hospital for the first time, but still failed to rescue the success of the final.

Police in the United States at 3:45 in the afternoon received the news of the accident in the accident, the police rushed to the scene after the Xipu away, and look Xipu hollowed out, has experienced such a thing no one can come out from the shadow of this. He could have had a good time at home, but the accident destroyed the family.

According to police, the spirit is very normal. Some football players have to retire after Months and years pass by. impact, often associated with traumatic brain sequelae, but did not Xipu this problem, the police investigation continues, but the accident has been the police initially thought was an accident.

Xipu have been selected for 2 time NFL all star, occupation career is very good, since the 2001 draft into the league, he played 10 years in Baltimore he crow team, crow until the end of 2010, after the Arizona Cardinals played two seasons. Chose to retire. After the tragedy, the Baltimore official also to the team’s exploits have been vocal.

The play did not make the lineup change, the only difference is that a group of former coach Maikelielun shark chose Mike Dafydd where Pavel J Ki and Ctzul where to avoid a group of sharks, this adjustment received the effect, the presence of Mike David oil attack of the leading rate to 85% from 50% and up, the presence of Pavel J Ki shark offensive team leading rate fell from 50% to only 15%. This step is also open to adjust the team’s other forwards to play, so that the oil in the shooting positive 36:16 to occupy an overwhelming advantage. But the game returning to wholesale nfl football jerseys the home court, after the loss of oil substitution advantage, coupled with a group of sharks genuine center Thornton is likely to return, let the game full of suspense.

On the offensive end, although the oil game shutout the opponent, but in the case of equal number, they also can not find on shark defensive way, just by two short handball small probability to win the match, San Jose, the team still needs to get back on the offensive.

“We can’t imagine how heartbroken and desperate he was with his wife, Ashley. It was the news that people were lying on the ground. We pray for etanercept, our thoughts and our hearts will always be with him, and he has made a lot of contribution to our team and he has given us too much help for our construction. I believe in their beliefs, and their friends and family will be able to help them through this.” The crow official issued a statement to support. The Arizona Cardinals and Xipu spent two seasons, the team also expressed its presence in the mood for xipu.

“Our hearts are with etanercept, with his family. It is a sad fact that no other family can experience the pain. I hope cheap jerseys that with the prayers and love of others, he can survive this difficult time.” The Cardinals made said.
But just like in the movie finally expressed it, Xipu is difficult to truly out of this shadow, suffering only with the passage of time and fade, but it is deeply rooted in the heart of the memory will continue to think in each moved by sight situations, in this matter, we can not determine who is right and who is wrong, because this is not important. In China, we also saw a lot of children playing when the vehicle was run over the tragedy, the driver is difficult to observe the child after the car, and the parents did not take care of their children. The tragedy is such a strange combination of circumstances occur, we can not bring a little emotional blame Xipu not optimistic about their children? This time, I am afraid no one can say, no one more than the father’s grief, he killed their children.

“The seaside of Manchester” as the main character of the same as the injury to their children, his family broke down, burdened with sin and repentance to live alone, no redemption, can not be redeemed. Only hope that etanercept and his family can be strong, but also hope that the majority of parents to take care of their children, life is fragile, do not let the tragedy happen again.