There has been a popular player nfl jerseys chaep, even if the injured for a long time, the jersey will still sell well. This saying is the Patriots tight end rob Gelon sikorski. Even if the second half of the season due to injury, including the playoffs and super bowl, his sales ranked fifth in the league, the first visible proximal front position in the hearts of fans. There is a similar situation in Houston, Dezhou defender JJ- Watt, this season he suffered injuries, a total of only played three games, the performance is not good. But the so-called “everyone loves JJ- Watt”, even in the early year of the year to submit an expense account, the sales of twenty-fifth league or Watt.

When it comes to the defense, in addition to Watts, there are three players in the league in the sales of the top 25, respectively is the Denver Broncos outside linebacker von Miller (eleventh), Oakland Raiders defensive end Khalil – the Mark (Fourteenth), and the Carolina Panthers quarterback Luke (twenty-third – Jikeli line). The three one is the 2015 season of the Super Bowl MVP, the other two are the last five years in addition to Watts outside only two chaep jerseys nfl won defensive player of the year award players, fans have given them a lot of affirmation.

The other players are their team’s new and old star quarterback Russell, which has Wilson – (Seattle Seahawks, Twelfth), Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers, thirteenth), Newton Kamm (Carolina Panthers, seventeenth), Ross Lys Berg (the Pittsburgh Steelers, eighteenth), Matt Ryan (Atlanta falcons, nineteenth), Eli Manning (New York giants, twenty-first) and Drew Bracey (New Orleans saints, twenty-fourth).

It is worth mentioning that Newton in the year before the MVP season sales topped second, however this season by various factors, a serious decline in performance, which is also reflected in his jersey sales, has slipped to seventeenth from second. But the opposite occurs in the Shinco MVP Ryan who, despite playing a MVP season, Ryan’s jersey sales still ranked only nineteenth, probably because of the Atlanta falcons, fans love Star wide receiver Julio Jones, whose sales ranked sixteenth. In addition to Julio, the Patriots won the hero receiver Julian Edelman (fifteenth), Pittsburgh Steelers alliance first run Weile viand – Baer (twentieth), and the Oakland Raiders wide receiver Cooper Amari (twenty-second) is non quarterback 25 of the rest of the top three selected.

In general, the Jersey sales reflect the popularity of the players the most intuitive manifestation. In addition to being loyal to his hometown team, the United States nfl jerseys fans or other countries, fans, or more willing to see the best team, the best performing players. Patriots and cowboys are the United States and the League of nations, the number one seed, so there are two players selected for the top five sales. Now is the last time the 2016 season sales statistics, two weeks after the advent of the draft, Meyers – Gareth, Laiaonade – Faure Nate and DeShawn Watson such high-profile rookie, will certainly set off a new wave of Jersey sales boom.