DeMarcus – select retired, decisively abandoned nearly ten million dollars


Yesterday, Denver Broncos cheap jerseys nfl rushed from hand DeMarcus, announced his retirement, the 34 men left their play 12 years NFL alliance, not too much farewell, he is on twitter quietly announced that this matter, in a group of super defensive Mustang generals this farewell. DeMarcus Weil retired, had to re adjust the Mustang defense, and Weil retired in the state fair when it is unexpected, but the decision to let DeMarcus Weil lost as much as $9 million in money.

“After many times I have made this decision, I choose to retire, I still have a lot of opportunities in front of me, I feel good now, but now, this is for my long-term health and life. With this opportunity, I am grateful to the people who have helped me in my life. They have made me what I am. I thank the cowboys and the Mustang for giving me the chance to play.” Vail said emotionally.

He said wild hope that he can continue to play with the team, this Mustang even cheap jerseys for sale Vail sent a $9 million contract, but hope to sign, will retreat Italy, nothing can break, longing for life. The Broncos refuses the $9 million contract, who left his smile, go out, we would be basil.

He is a legendary player, he has been sent 138.5 times in his career.

“It’s too late for me to keep fighting, and I’ve always been reminded of the right thing to do. This is not a money thing, if I’m in the game, my body and the game is absolutely good, but this is only the current state, there is no doubt that I can continue to play two or three years, but to the best? How long can I stay healthy?” Will speak words that are irresistible. In this position is really too easy to hurt, DeMarcus, at the age of a storm is not necessarily a good choice, after all, no amount of money can not return for a healthy body.

Due to the Viking secrecy work is in place, the outside world can not know the details of Murray’s contract, but would like to come to the 2015 all star running Wei certainly cheap. Weiss – Murray last season in the Raiders’ performance is not very good, he scored a total of 788 yards, but he completed as many as 12. Murray outstanding performance in the 2015 season, the ball scored a total of 1066 yards up to 6. His short bursts of outstanding ability, but the problem is to get rid of the ability to grab too bad, in the attacker’s excellent offensive front,nfl jerseys online Murray field can only hit the ball 4 yards. But Murray’s offensive protection is good, can help the quarterback pocket protection. Murray joined the Vikings for the reinforcement is not large, but at least as a starting guard position.