Quiet and People browns home jerseys indifferent to Ming, Zhi color should be Yuan.” The saying of Zhu Geliang with his loyalty by people for thousands of years. However, this is right? What I mean by “right” is for the current mainstream. In the long thinking “indifferent to Ming, quiet and simple” this sentence, I think life should be indifferent to fame and wealth, to the pursuit of peace, or to make a difference with vigour and vitality. One of the two themes of the present era is development, and development is the last word! “Indifferent” and “fame” can promote the development of the times?

Let us not be indifferent to theory, requires us to fame, tranquility is we like. But you choose any one you are familiar with the success of it: from the Forbes to Hu Runde list, there will never be a man of fame and fortune, aloof. This is not a criticism, not to spur them so high official positions and riches, how can they be from a small figure to glory? As for me, usually at work, I always love unknown to the public stood listening to their jerseys china factory talk with eloquence, in this process, often there will be some experience. This is usually can not learn, but their own point of view is correct or not the secondary. Sentiment of life

You envy the fame of the people? Go to work in the countryside, see how many are willing to. You said love like, but why the people around and contradictions (including the contradiction in your heart). To find peace, to see the Qing dynasty! At the end of the Qing Dynasty, when the darkness is not very “Ten thousand horses stand mute., quiet, but it also have brought to the world what? The approaching of the storm will make the environment very peaceful. You can also go to experience personally ah, but you will be sorry. Classic sayings

Take Mr Zhu Geliang, if he is indifferent to Ming with from first to last, quiet and simple “this doctrine, then eight diagrams who will do? A stomach Xiong Caiwei omitted where display? Who will go to the point of Baidicheng staged? Before and after the Apprenticeship jerseys different color of loyalty will be reflected in where? Six Qishan feat and who Ge painting? So he needs to be. Here, I could not help but think of another big man: he, emperor of Han, had brought the court woman hands him in the palace, all kinds of forces in the struggle, by the king of Jiaodong became crown prince.

He has to stay before the reform of Emperor Huang Lao inaction, and the difference in the claim to rule the world. Since then, the ten thousand cavalry attacked Wei Qing far city, the equivalent plane yizhixie graves, Huo 5000 riding access Hun Wang Ting, forcing the king of kings of the Great Khan Yi Zhi Syria escaped the desert, he will overtake large ethnic fusion desert until Han Hun, but also created a famous in silk the road, while the Chinese has become a national eternal name, and laid the China China status at the time. However, all this comes from the three word.” Mao Zedong Quotes

Yes, fame does not contribute to the development of the world, life will not let your education, work status, increase the number of. Of course, everything can not be too absolute. Mr Hagel does not say, “it is reasonable to exist.” Therefore, what I say is not for everyone to pursue interests, but let everyone with young people’s blood Vincent Fang to argue, to grow, to struggle. Also said: “the person, should have.”

High school life in two ways, the first is to stay at home, work or directly wandering in the society, it’s like the grass alive, even though you are alive, continues to grow each year, but you are a grass, after all, is a high school graduate, you absorb the sun and rain, but not long, people can talk about you look, you have on you, but people do not because of your pain, and he produces pain, people not to have mercy on you because you are not admitted to the University, because other people themselves do not care about you.

Why do they think you didn’t go to college, there is no hope, no future jerseys direct supply. So every one of us should grow like a tree, which is our second way, is to enter the university. Even if you are not admitted to the University, what are not, but you only have the seeds of trees, self-motivated, even being on earth, you are still able to absorb the nutrients in the soil, which is from the University’s birth, rely on their own seeds unremittingly efforts and perseverance, oneself grow up, when you grow into towering trees, the distant place, people will see you, when people talk about you, will come to you, because you have been a dongliangzhicai.