Lexie Burke Hyde, the Patriots signed white running back to the ball

Greg - Zu Enlai

Today the new wholesale authentic nfl jerseys England patriots signed Cincinnati tiger team White Rex – running back Burke Hyde, the Patriots continued their white players love, once in the League played tricks of white running backs from the formal and patriots Danny Wood hyde.

As a free agent in the market a few red ball and ball two all-around running back, it is just a running back type patriot love, Burke Hyde today 26 years old, is in when the play, height 178cm, weight 99KG, after a few years as a fringe player in Cincinnati tiger team. On the season gradually occupy the playing time, but also has a good performance, he rushed the ball 74 times and scored a total of 344 yards and 2 touchdowns, all reached 4.6 yards, the performance is very good; but his catching ability is good, the ball 17 times and scored 145 yards, 8.5 yards free, almost at the same time will not fall the ball, these data imply that every time Burke Hyde attack can help the team win the first attack. In the 2016 season, he played a team of 22% of the attack against the tigers and the secret service team of the attack on the side of the group, is the patriot of the Almighty soldiers like the 46%.
Since the patriots are only willing to provide $2 million in running guard body, Burke Hyde is to come to the annual salary of such a patriot. The Patriots will put Burke Hyde as the ball running back type, he can expand the Patriots in the tactical choice, provide more goals for the Brady pass. However, after the signing of Burke Hyde, the Patriots running back Duhem Lewis who tends to be saturated with the Super Bowl hero James White, is the unshakable main, Burke Hyde in 2016 to prove himself will occupy a major position, then this way, the possibility of the season, Garrett Blount to renew the patriot the reduced, if Blount wants to seek a high paying patriot, so Blount can leave for Burke Hyde more playing time.

Greg Zu Enlai, RAM extension ace kicker wholesale nfl jerseys

One of the best players of Losangeles rams and the team last season Greg Zu Enlai to complete the contract, he offered a 3 year contract worth $6 million 750 thousand last April for progenitor Enlai, ancestral Enlai signed a one-year contract with the rams, although at that time his performance is not good, but it is this wholesale authentic jerseys year’s contract incentive Zunle, last season he took the play level. The kick hit 22 times 19 additional points, shot 23 times danwuxufa, hundred percent hit rate ranked first in the league. Total hit rate reached 86.4% in the League before the top ten. This contract is made for Zunle’s performance.

He and the team ‘s Jonny, the left – handed, played a part of the Losangeles rams’ secret service team, and last season, as a result of the fact that he was a source of almost all of the men’ s basketball, the last time he scored a goal for the, he was a man of the year.