At present Butler hasn’t signed cheap nfl jerseys the restrictive compensation contract patriot on given as an unrestricted free agent, Butler meets the above conditions, and simple, Butler once went to the saints, then the condition is triggered, the saints gave their first round of patriots eleventh overall picks. Then this way is equivalent to the Patriots with their first round pick thirty-second draft picks and Butler Cousteau and New Orleans for the first round of the eleventh overall pick.

Of course, the present situation, Butler left the probability is still great, because the present situation of the New Orleans saints, No. 11 for their very important value, and so the cost of Butler for reinforcing defensive line, rather than the use of the hands of the sign bit to select the appropriate training rookie, with a small amount of price. And on the current market, Butler at least want to get an annual salary of more than $10 million of high contract, which makes the saints have scruples. Now the saints have two first round draft picks, and the cooks leave doesn’t on the team’s offensive group have much impact, while the two first round pick in the draft can let the saints have their most wanted personnel. The Butler visit the saints need expressed his great determination to the management of the saints, only to let the saints may retain 11 place only when Butler signed with the new England Patriots to reach an agreement, formally agreed with the saints on the Cousteau patriot trading in the first round of thirty-second to sign a patriot, Butler, it is often said that the first sign (Butler) after the change (pick No. 32 + other) of course, this is almost impossible.

In the above case, Butler wanted to leave the Patriots the difficulty is nfl jerseys wholesale relatively large, he is most likely to play a year game in the Patriots, until next year officially become unrestricted free agent in considering the Patriot or any other club contract, if the current Butler and patriots signed a compensation contract, Aigo it will only offer an annual salary of $4 million contract for Butler. Therefore, in any case, the Patriots will get the best interests, and Butler or Butler interested team can only eat a dark deficit.

After the loss of Paterson Patterson (Cordarrelle) and (Charles) and the Johnson (), the Vikings of Minnesota gave them a new member of the position to take over a new contract.

Restricted free agent Adam – West (Adam Thielen) has been renewed for 3 years with the vikings. The contract is worth up to $27 million, with a base salary of $17 million, including $11 million in security income. His original offer was worth $2 million 700 thousand.

As a rookie to join the League to defeat the West Yellen in the last season, nfl jerseys online the outbreak, the ball was 967 yards ranked first team. He faced the Green Bay Packers second defense in the sixteenth week race finished 12 times the ball 202 yards and 2 touchdowns. He is one of the most efficient long ball threat alliance, his 70.4% long pass success rate ranked first in the league.

Yellen, who is about to enter his fourth season, is expected to receive a much higher salary than last year’s $600 thousand.