NFL consider reducing the nfl jerseys china scale of inappropriate players to celebrate

NFL is considering easing their standards, and this time they wonder if the league is going to carry out the standard of punishment if the players do something inappropriate in the game. Although this is not the official idea, nor the player’s advice, but it is a part of NFL and NFL are closely related to the regulation of players celebrate have been questioned, they are NFL law enforcement officials. As executive director of the NFL referee Association, Scott – Green recently expressed his views on the matter.

“When a player completes an exciting 80 yard touchdown, he should have said to celebrate their own happy, and we have to think about his celebration is not reasonable, no other than this bad thing.” Scott – Green said, we really do not like this, if only by the League to punish those who celebrate the breach of the rules of the players, and we do not have to judge on the court to decide whether it is good or bad. Then we will be very happy, it is a matter of foul or not, we hope that this can be closer to other aspects.”

Last season many players for touchdowns after the celebration was whistled for a foul, some even after fines, like the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was given many times, this kind of harsh requirements, greatly reduce the competition of some ornamental, the players do not want to do something creative action, and the game is therefore to reduce a lot of fun.

The two sides of the opening is very fast-paced play for the Raiders scored the winning goal after Arvidsson won a great opportunity, and return to a group of right-wing hawk panic hit the post. But fourth minutes, Raiders Xianshengduoren, defender Ellis in the blue line near continuous long shots, cheap nfl jerseys china Crawford blocked the sight could not make a save, 1-0.

After scoring the Raiders completely occupy the field active black hawk before the door was jittery, scissons et al have continuous tongshe near the door of opportunity, but Crawford stubbornly hold the score for the team. Fourteenth minutes, a little chance to get the Blackhawks, although the team did not organize a decent attack, but at least let the defense to win respite.

The second day after just 2 minutes, the predator team will expand the score, defender Ike Home caught a diagonal pass as the opponent substitutions out pretty let striker Zor Ni Cheik single opportunity, he beat back the Black Hawk defender Udulla shot to the upper left corner of the goal net, 2-0.

Behind the Blackhawks began to fight back, Captain Tefors’s shot hit the post. The Blackhawks offensive let the team behind the vacuum, the predator four groups make a beautiful ball striker Smith turn, his cross in the Black Hawk front created chaos, and Sisons Abegg tongshe will expand the score to 3-0.

In section third, Black Hawk began summoned, trying to find the way to break the Raiders goalkeeper Rene, but the predator firmly occupy the field active thirteenth minutes, a group of Black Hawk guard Campbell Johansson center to seize the failure to gain another victory, Fiala scored a goal for the team to lock 5-0 victory, Rene made 30 saves to win the two end letter, become the biggest player in the team.

Although this but NFL seems to have become aggravated ideas, they want the referee made a direct presence, china jerseys this is Scott Green’s draw further apart with the idea.

Price Kurt Toni – Luo Mo

Toni Romo was the Dallas Cowboys left too many records, and now the four young cowboy quarterback Mike Price Kurt will face by achievement efforts, today’s – Prescott when accepting a reporter to interview, express their thoughts on these things.

“I told Toni Romo, no matter what our relationship is actually very good, either before or after I became a starter. Nothing will change, and I thank the manager for making such a good relationship. Now I want to keep a good mood Romo, he made a retired choice, he has a great occupation career, he has left many great achievements waiting for me to catch up to try, I will fill his leave, I will continue to struggle in Dallas.” Mike Price Kurt said, for such veteran Romo, Prescott very respected.

The young man has set a new record for the first season: a record in the rookie season. At the same time, he also won the season offensive Rookie Award, these are Toni Romo not done before, while the NASDAQ – Prescott is to create and record his achievements, he is trying to catch up by.