China, one has My dream cheap super the long history of the bowl jerseys china Chinese country, thousands of years of unremitting efforts of the people of all ethnic groups with extremely deep culture to this great country, for thousands of years of accumulation, let our country have the one and only spiritual culture. In history, the great motherland has become the most powerful country in the world, and has become the center of cultural exchange.

I am deeply honored to have been born in such a powerful country, and I have a strong sense of responsibility in the face of history. As a contemporary youth, but also aware of their mission to build the motherland. And my dream is to build their own great motherland, through their own efforts to contribute to the motherland to make a better!

Everyone has a dream, everyone’s dream has a different content, or big or small, are the driving force of our progress. Have heard such a sentence: the rise of China and reading. This is the kind of pride? This is what kind of ideal? From the more commendable only a teenager in the mouth. At that time, our great Premier Zhou was only thirteen years old, when he had said these words after his headmaster was a teenager but have salvaging ideals. After several decades, until the prime minister left the world, he is so conscientious efforts to realize their dreams. History shows that the rise of the Chinese reading is not an empty word, because the prime minister because of his unremitting efforts, in order to save the life-saving mission of the courage to play the heroic, he finally realized cheap jerseys online his dream, defeated the imperialist, defeated fascism, defeated the Kuomintang, finally realized the unity of the motherland, but also set up the greatest nation — the history of People’s Republic of China. And all this because there is a dream, and willing to work hard for the dream, persistent. It is very important to have a dream, only the direction of the right path to success. In addition, it is necessary to have a firm heart, only constant efforts, only perseverance will be able to achieve the dream. The prime minister’s life is also showing these. Determine your own direction, and then strive to achieve him, so that his life complete!

Now, I also stand on the stage of building the country, as a contemporary college students, we have their own tasks, it is necessary to recognize their mission. Since the Opium War in China at the most dangerous moment in history, after the war against the feudal, anti imperialist war, anti fascist war, the war against the Kuomintang reactionaries, finally difficult to found a new country, with a completely different and past practice policies. As the saying, People’s Republic of China was the creation of the world China event in history, which shows its influence. After decades of national leaders, people of all ethnic groups continue to work hard, our country is on the right track.

Each generation jerseys china factory has the responsibility of each generation, each generation has the obligation to build the motherland. It is a great honor for us to do this task today, and we should try our best to fulfill our dream! Careful analysis of the motherland, we can see that China is on the right track to move forward, is trying to improve their overall strength, so as to move towards the ranks of developed countries. Eighteen to have established the basic direction of future development, and it also needs our efforts. Only everyone can contribute their own strength to achieve the great rejuvenation of the motherland, the opportunity to become a developed country.

(two) Chinese dream, my dream

The dream is our dream, born in this country, our destiny is closely linked all style jerseys with the development of the motherland, we only have a chance to achieve their ideal, only a powerful motherland as one of them, we can really be strong. The motherland is our survival guarantee, can say no motherland, you and I will have no meaning. Only the interests of the motherland has been effectively guaranteed, will have our interests. For decades, the history of new China is also showing this, with the continuous development of the motherland, our living standards have been significantly improved. Therefore, our dream is our dream. Only the motherland of this chariot firmly forward, we will have the meaning of these screws. In order to the dream of the motherland, for their own dreams, you and I need to make unremitting efforts to improve their own quality, contribute more and more power to the mother, let her go ahead!

My dream, the Chinese dream!

Chinese dream, my dream!

My Chinese dream

Text / Wang Juan

Chinese dream, with a strong color and great patriotic and dream words, covering the beautiful look and vision of the people of the Chinese nation to the motherland is a great dream, together with one billion and three hundred million Chinese people.

In fact, everyone has their own Chinese dream, each different, general secretary Xi Jinping said that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream since modern times. This is the loudest Chinese dream. For me and a common contemporary college students, from small to large, with different periods of the world have different views.

In the eyes of a difficult to see the article, I have a dream, the earth people know Martin Ruud Kim, who has a lofty dream, the world applauded him. And when Obama came to power as the first in American history.