The Seahawks before cheap jerseys online signing Third Military Duhem Jordan rushed to sign

Duhem – Jordan got the chance to name himself in NFL.

On 2013, the dolphins at No. 12 and No. 42 transactions, only for the third sign, to ensure that they can choose to Jordan. But Jordan’s performance in the past four years is surprising. 2013 and 2014 did not play the price, was suspended in 2015, suffered injuries in 2016. Now he will go to the Seattle Seahawks, although we can not hold too much hope, but his athleticism needless to say, maybe the Seahawks can work a miracle in him.

On the offensive end, wild team will rely on signing Eric this nfl jerseys online season and Swiss Nino – ned Stroh Ryder and they together contributed 7 goals in 7 games last season, the state is very good. In addition to their group, Charlie Coyle and new signing Marty Han Zell also have a good performance, the two together with 4 goals and 9 assists. However, apart from them, the team leader Marcus Glenn Lund began to show on the way down from the second half of the season, but in April the team arranged Zach and captain Palisai Mick Keyifu to him as a partner, two people in 6 games with 2 goals and 8 assists together, if they can make grand Lund recover, so little team through the first round of the playoffs problem.

The blues, the team on the offensive end can only rely on the first Tara Schenker and Schwartz led a group of two people, in the past 8 games together to contribute 8 goals and 10 assists, Tara Schenker especially in this season, 4 games in 3 games scored, good performance. However, if the team’s other forwards can not stand up, the face of the wild team striker group, the blues attack to appear inferior.

After the battle, the Blues captain Arrakis Peter Ron Giro scored the last 7 games in the season 3 ball sent 5 assists, very active, and wild side, general Kean is expected to spur comeback in 5 games before the injury, he scored 2 goals out of 4 assists, he combined with veteran Ryan Suter. Will produce very big trouble to the blues team.

The goalkeeper position, this season the best goalkeeper cheap jerseys china of popular German – Nick Dube for wild team as a starter, but 20 games last season, his performance is very bad, the last 5 starts only 1 games for the rate of over 91%, can be adjusted to the state of the first half of the season for the team in the playoffs will be wild future plays a crucial role. Blues side is expected to be sent to the main Jack – Alan, this season, he was the first to face the wild team in 3 games in good condition, the save rate reached 93.1%.

Jordan played a total of 26 games in his career, made the 39 capture and the capture of the 3.