Since 1992, I Give your life have been dedicated to personal cheap nfl jerseys online to leap development. I attend seminars, listen to the tape and read hundreds of books in this field. Inadvertently I have invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless time in this field. After all these efforts, one of the things I can tell you is that personal growth is very, very difficult.

Many books, recordings, and self-help tutors encourage fast food thinking. After reading this book, all your time management problems will be solved. In this seminar, you are the next start empty-handed millionaire. This kind of marketing is be inopportune or inappropriate, because most people who buy these products will achieve only modest results, then disappointment and disillusion come together. If you can not achieve these unrealistic expectations, some people feel that they have a problem. Maybe I was born lazy. Others argue that the whole field of personal development is a gimmick. The name of a master here is only driven by money — none of his / her ideas.

I would like to stress again that personal development is very, very important. If you think you’ve read a book or an article about time management, you can eliminate procrastination and confusion from jerseys nfl Free Shipping your life forever. Some books can dramatically change your life, but most do not. When you experience a major turning point in your life, it may be the result of a long sequence of events, and reading a book may be only a small but perhaps a critical part of it.

Personal growth experience often occurs in qualitative way is changed from one idea to another powerful thought and fundamental. Perhaps this change is made up of many small quantity accumulation, but at some point, great changes will immediately appear. You go to work, but suddenly you want to resign. Even before you tell your boss, you know you’re not going back. You decide to love a few years boyfriend or girlfriend. You decide to give up smoking, and will not take a lifetime. These decisions are likely to occur in a second – a moment of clarity strikes you, and then you know what to do. A qualitative change has, since then, you are no longer you. Some qualitative change more slowly than the other, but essentially all of them can be traced back to a moment of decision. Sometimes you decide to change. Even before you put this idea into practice, you will know that you are no longer what you used to be.

By reading a book it is almost impossible to achieve a qualitative change. Have the qualitative change and need to continue to invest a lot of energy. When you decide to resign, or break up with a lover, or move to a new city, these are likely to be several months or years of accumulated dissatisfaction results may also be positive thinking to change after a better life brought by long time. Both positive and negative factors can produce a qualitative change.

Generally speaking jerseys nfl factory supply, people in the pursuit of personal growth, is in a consistent direction invest enough time and energy to produce a qualitative change. Maybe you read a book about organized book, positive energy and in the process of looking to experience let you close to a qualitative change. You thought it would work. But then you read (or be separated by other things do not read the heart), the impact of the book will gradually disappear. You have never reached that can let you break into a new realm of change. After a few days or a few weeks, they made a comeback. Sounds familiar, right?

But it is not the book or the idea that leads to your failure. The problem is that you are not in the same direction to invest enough sustained energy to achieve a qualitative change. You never reached the point of no return. Reading is the right direction, but only a small, short-term touch.

In order to launch from the ground into outer space, the rocket must produce a strong enough and sustained force to overcome the gravity of the earth. If the engine goes off prematurely, the rocket will crash. Just as it takes a lot of power to keep the rocket on track, realize that some areas of your life may also require tremendous power to lift you up to a higher level. A long period of sustained effort may not work at all. You read a book on time management, but have no progress in time management.

What should I do then? How do you leap? You must try to do our best in the direction you want to grow, but also to continue until the end of the qualitative change. If you stop too soon, you will probably fall back to the origin. So first of all, if you are ready to start a new leap, you must promisenfl jerseys online to keep working until you leap.

That’s why I think personal growth is very difficult. Achieving a leap is a difficult task. It calls for sustained and vigorous efforts and cannot be relaxed until it is achieved. If you’re moving too long, you have to start over.

But the good thing is that when you complete the leap, you can relax a little. You have reached a higher level, and will stay here, just as the satellite in orbit will be orbiting. Of course, the track may be slowly shifted, but this happens even after a long period of time, and only a little energy consumption.