Today we continue the cheap nfl jerseys offseason star biography series, this is for everyone to bring legends of the New Orleans saints, one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, Drew – Bracey.

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January 15, 1979, Bracey was born in the capital of Texas, Austen. Since he was 7 years old, his parents divorced and he and his younger brother had to take turns to live in his father’s and mother’s house, which he later said was really difficult, but perhaps the experience here also honed his character. Bracey’s family has some basketball background, he also likes baseball more than football, but still in the football field to show the greatest talent. 1995 and the 1996 season, Austen’s West Lake high school in the leadership of the team played a record of 28 wins and 1 draws, including winning the championship in the 1996 season, he also won the State League MVP. In spite of his outstanding performance, he has not attracted the attention of the two local elite universities, Texas and texas. In desperation, he chose to move to Indiana to join the Purdue university.

In the 1997 season at Purdue University, Bracey as a freshman quarterback are relatively low, only a few substitute appearances. But in 1998, coach Joe Tiller decided to appoint Bracey as his favourite attacking offense (Spread). The characteristics of the spread offense is very likely to pass, so Bracey in this system played a very exciting data. 1998-2000 these three years, his passing yards are the top ten league (Big Ten) first, in the NCAA’s top league range are also fourth, second and third. Bracey in the three years the team made 34 wins 19 of the negative record, and in 1999 and 2000 in the two Heisman awards were obtained fourth and third. After the end of the 2000 season, he took the top ten league pass code and the record number of wholesale nfl jerseys china graduates, and now the league’s best quarterback of the year award, called the Griess – Bracey prize, the half is named after him.

Although the university data is very exciting, but to become the main NFL quarterback Bracey, there are also flawed. The first is his height at 6 feet and 0 inches (183 cm), occupation of the quarterback’s too low. Second is that he played in the University scattered attack system in NFL is very rare, so in this system under the wonderful performance, can not prove that he can adapt to the offensive system NFL. Finally, in the 2001 draft, the first round only Michael – Vick as the champion show was selected. Bracey was selected in the first team San Diego lightning second round, began his legendary career occupation.

After coming off the bench in his rookie season only once, Bracey won a place in the 2002 season, but only 16 games out of 17 touchdowns and 16 steals in the data, the indicators are in the lower league quarterback. The 2003 season, he is only in the first 8 games up to the array of 12 copy cut, causing himself to be pressed on the bench on the 5. According to his later memories, this was placed on the bench experience gave him a great touch, inspired him to greater motivation. Bracey later returned to the main position, but the team in this year’s record so bad, so that the 2004 champion. After a draft day deal, the team got the overall pick Philip Rivers. There is a greater competition, Bracey this time really played a first-class performance, the team made 12 wins 4 of the negative record, he was elected in 2004 the annual return of players.

The 2004 season is also the last year of the rookie contract Bracey, but the team still feel that the lightning is not ready to take over the succession, so the star of the privilege of the Star label left a year in the way of the year of the year of the year of the year in the year of the year of the year in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. In the 2005 season, Bracey continued high performance, unfortunately in the last season of the war, Bracey in a fight against the ball in the right shoulder of the lip, in the game immediately after surgery. At the same time, he became a free agent again. Because of the presence of Rivers, the lightning team only to cheap nike authentic nfl jerseys provide a good faith in the contract is not high, so Bracey decided to meet with other teams. When the main two teams need quarterback, one of which is the Miami dolphins coach Nick Saban Bracey on his right shoulder of worry, also not a big price. The most sincere is the New Orleans saints, they just a year ago because of Hurricane Katerina, and the whole year away. In 2006 rookie coach Sean – Payton took office, the team is facing a comprehensive reconstruction, it is also more afraid of attracting less than high-level players, so the performance of the most sincere to Bracey. While visiting the team at the same time, but also to see the disaster in New Orleans after the city’s bad situation, Bracey decided to join the team, the team and the city to contribute to the reconstruction. This sign has changed the saints in the NFL thirty years of struggling state, also changed the history of the city of New Orleans.

The fact that Bracey and Payton coach “Keliaier raid concept” (Air Coryell) can be said to be a pair created by nature. The 2006 season joined the first year, Bracey came out of the league’s most up to 4418 yards, the MVP in the selection of the top second, led the team into the League finals. The 2008 season, Bracey came 5069 yards and 34 touchdowns, becoming the 5000 yards of second single season players in NFL history to win the season best offensive player of the year award, but the saints defense because the bottleneck, for two consecutive years in the playoffs.