However, Reggie Bush then, nfl jerseys authentic in the NFL arena is getting worse, but two people even in spite of eclectic video outflow as changeable as clouds and rain, but Kardashian was tired of Bush lead a fast, but found a better man – Kanye West, after Kardashian forced to split, Bush quickly pulled out from the mud, inspirational person, the in the 2011 season, Reggie Bush in Miami played the best season of his occupation career, the first thousand yards season: 1086 yards for 6 touchdowns, after 2012 6 986 yards rushing touchdowns, 2013 is excellent 1006 yards 4 touchdown receptions for 506 yards and, after a lapse of many years back President feeling. Although the peak was a little late, but he eventually played some of the state model. But the good times don’t last long “President Bush” again because of the fall of beauty in everything from him and one called Lili – Ian married to ava.

This is called Lili – Ian sexy babes AVA figure impeccable, Nakan Kubica Kardashian buxom carcass moreish, lily-white skin, appearance than Luo Fu, flawless charming eyes and cheeks lovingly, diffuse wave coming into, out of Qing Lan Ruifu, a PRO MAKEUP low shoulder blinking. Warm rounded contours, everything is so smooth, naked, like willow waistline crystal smooth, light arms diminshing fragrant greasy, Luan in snow chest Haoyue, shaking the elastic moist and elastic curve in the buttocks, rub this charming lust. Skin embellish jade muscle plump soft. Bush can’t resist only night life, color sound fibrillation, Chai hang bun disorderly, body scattered small red, but Liliet is dissatisfaction, but the dark fairy Lang pinch, Mo Fangchun idle. It can be said that the wind sneaked into the night, Xiao see red wet place, moisten things silently…


Now Reggie Bush and Lili two people also have children, family happiness, nfl jerseys china others envy, although President Bush now has plummeted, NFL career seems break, now also buffalo Bill’s survival, this season Bush rushed the ball number was terrible negative 3 yards! Every time he is ready to shock, always be mercilessly back down to the ground, as he put down Kardashian, the same as Lili. But we don’t regret Bush, after all, to have such a family, so charming wife, this is the envy of any man.

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