Near Tomb-sweeping Bury the dream browns Day, in addition to the holiday game used jerseys our own joy, and the enemy of the memorial service, 80 at the end of 90 at the beginning of this generation of people finally graduated from college, out of the ivory tower. So a clear, should go to the university to once again, where to bury your dream “caused so many people’s sympathy. The young man had been four years away, the dream has finally become a laughingstock once the memories of each other.

“Yeah, you guys said you were going to Google!”.

“It’s a thing of the past. You’re not going to Wall Street!”.

Two people with a smile, nothing happened.

You said, “we work so hard, in fact is to become an ordinary person;” you said “we are destined to be the most ordinary people, dull is our destiny”; “you said that success requires too much effort outside of things”; you said “this world is never fair”. Yeah, you’re right. Most people don’t tell us what dreams are. They don’t have the power to give us a good education. This is fate, I believe.

Not with a golden key to the birth of you, not through the entrance Yue Longmen you came to an ordinary university, struggling for a few years, from that dream more and more far, you suddenly feel of what? In the end, there is still no contest for the ordinary fate.

Life your sister ah life!

Night night playing games, the second day when not to complain about the school irregular I do not think you blush; a term not turning a few pages of books, said teachers do not teach, when a level not how I think you do direct physical gas Zhuang; the book is too old. The knowledge behind, not willing to class, the class where I didn’t feel you walking in the forefront of knowledge; the students will catch on, do you think it is more important that out of school which come from the style of university did not dare say what to teach you; love when the ideal setting for jerseys different color a couple in love. In love, the passage of time how well deserved it; in the dormitory in the carnival every day happy and pleased with oneself, cry in the drama of the warmth, we cannot read mathematics, think this thing is of practical significance, we can’t Four say it doesn’t mean I don’t have a learning English utter innocence. This is life, I don’t believe it!

You in the room for a while and said tired, you think some things didn’t bother to say some work, you say it is too dull as ditch water to turn a few pages, you still ask everyone to eat dinner, you should contact the feelings, and they go shopping every two or three days to the KTV, soothing mood. You TM complaining about why we should be ordinary when you don’t feel that TM is also called hard?

The months of graduation season, here you every day, people will sigh when born under an unlucky star, talented but unrecognized, throwing things from upstairs shouting why I don’t think you are so tender; graduation season months, every day you catch people confused and helpless, hopeless sigh the future, the future, the travel. Pictures play while I just didn’t think jerseys china factory so you will explore life; the months of graduation season, you miss the university student life every day, see her brother and sister said that beautiful youth gone for ever, to cherish ah, you don’t think brother and sister would doubt, beautiful youth on the transformation of such a thing? When studying why I don’t think you’re so seize the day?

Now go to the community college students are quick to mention, sniff at it, what didn’t you dare to use adjectives, you can start when the mouth called, your mouth called how do not think this TM with you any relationship? You have nothing to do with the sigh of youth passing, motionless in a bad mood on what not to do, go to Taobao, playing games always energetic. You say I’m not frequent, right, two times a week, once a day, four days, if I say more, are embarrassed to open mouth. The idea is not so have no bottom line subversion? For us, is a three book, our environment is not good, the dormitory with the ordinary man, why did you scold people nonstriving! More than 5000 years of history, which ancestors tell you what to do over the mouth addiction even do?

You say I have not wasted, University is semi conduct field, should be smooth, to establish contacts, that Carnegie’s “a person’s career skills by%15 decided to%85 by the network decided to let you take it as treasure like golden laws and precious rules. The older generation who taught you not to tell you that the first step in building a network is to become good enough? You save hundreds of mobile phone number, clean up when you are not tired? The person that can handle affairs really is a bit rejected you you also do not have a jerseys top quality temper?

You said I was too naive, too rigid, too silly, too ideal, do not understand the traditional code of conduct; I know you are very mature, very flexible, very fine, very practical, with people doing things. How can such a competent man lose his dream?

I especially hate success that a kind of pure idea, in addition to what role did not make money inspirational. But the pursuit of such things, it is not a dream? We do not want to be a symbol of life? A dead also.