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The pirates became the target of a tough training camp The annual tough men’s training camp finally identified the target team, when the Tampa Bay pirates officially announced that the team will focus on the twelfth season after the hard training camp. HBO and NFL cooperation in the word of […]

  Beijing time 21, as early as 8, NFL announced the regular season schedule for the 2017 season. The new season opener will kick off in September 8th, by the defending Super Bowl champion new England patriots in the home court against the AFC West champions the Kansas City Chiefs, […]

  American football is deserted in the cheap nfl jerseys spring and summer two season, whether it is NFL or NCAA game occupation university alliance and long period of rest in peace, in order to draft, occupation team players in and out hastily prepared; in the NCAA University team to […]

  The Patriots imitate Bayern to dig out the opposing team, or to take a pay cut The offseason and new England patriots cheap jerseys china with rival Buffalo Bill, staff turnover quite heavy, Bill’s star cornerback Stephen Gil Moore was invested with the Patriots last year, the new England […]

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Derek Carle – right fibula china jerseys injury seems to have recovered at the end of the regular season, Carle not only missed due to Raiders ending fracture, rare in the playoffs for the last trip had absent Raiders, eventually because of Carle’s lack of war, the Raiders will fall […]

  NFL consider reducing the nfl jerseys china scale of inappropriate players to celebrate NFL is considering easing their standards, and this time they wonder if the league is going to carry out the standard of punishment if the players do something inappropriate in the game. Although this is not […]

A moment of love Some time ago, the Oscar nominated cheap football jerseys film “sea Manchester” to tell you the one for his fault to kill children of men will not complete self redemption story, and today we have in reality witnessed such a tragedy, one called Todd – former […]

  There has been a popular player nfl jerseys chaep, even if the injured for a long time, the jersey will still sell well. This saying is the Patriots tight end rob Gelon sikorski. Even if the second half of the season due to injury, including the playoffs and super […]

Of course, Beckham’s Carnival will nfl jerseys wholesale never forget his good friend – von Miller, he and von Miller through numerous nightclubs, leaving countless lovers in Miami. Feng – Miller first went to London to challenge the British literary style nightclub, harvest is not small, that David Beckham to […]

  Odell Beckham as the game NFL jerseys china game star in the United States his skillful football skills known to every family, and handsome appearance let countless women involuntary gestures. Happy life from the University, until he became the emperor of the NFL superstar, he never lost enthusiasm for […]